• Why we do it

    We think books can change our world

    We want to continue the journey

    altMBA is not a simple course, it is a change agent and a life experience.

    Reading & sharing a book each 2 weeks is an ambitious realistic challenge.

    We are ruckus makers

    We are looking for ideas. Because we need a lot of them to make ruckus and change our world. 

    We want to Level-Up

    altMBA showed us we can do much more. Building a new knowledge through reading & sharing will help us Levelling-Up

  • Who We Are

    We come from all over the world. altMBA has shown us a new path. We dream bigger today.

    Jean-Marie Buchilly

    Wine Lover & Game Changer

    Jean-Marie  recently realized that there is nothing to lose.
    He wants to change his world, but does not really know where to start.
    However he knows he will not be able to do it alone.
    For this reason he is building a team with talentuous people who will help him in his task.
    He feels empowered by the energy emanating from this group.
    Fear did not disappear completely, but it has shifted to the side and he can now see the real goal.

    Barbara Orsi

    Passionate about foreign languages and challenging the status quo

    Barbara recently awoke her dusty passion for foreign languages as she discovered that what really matters to her is building connections. True and deep connections. With her family. With her colleagues. With a bunch of amazing people all around the world.

    As she believes connections are the way to challenge and change the status quo.

    Being a citizen of the world still remains her dream.

    Joshua Jackson

    Wants to level up and create change

    Josh Jackson is a Midwestern American who embodies all the values and work ethic from his regional roots. He loves to push his work to the breaking point, and he knows that the best work and projects are done in a team setting.
    He joined altMBA because he didn't want to hide anymore.  He wanted to level up and create change. He knew the best way to do that was to be a part of a talented community that holds those same values and who keep creating a ruckus.
    Josh is excited to be a part of this reading club because of the diverse learning experience as he participates with individuals from all across the globe.

    Marisol Oropeza

    Prepared to start a new journey to make her next dream come true

    Marisol left her country when she was 25 years old to discover the big world on her own. She moved from Mexico to Germany.

    Since then every single day in her life should be worth the distance, the missing birthdays, the missing warmth of home.

    She lives with joy, astonishment and wonder. She is extremely hard working for everything she gets passionate about like a hiking tour or a communication campaign for a sustainable product.

    She gives herself honestly and respectfully and feels fortunate when she gets the same back.

    Twelve years later and with one more nationality, she is prepared to start a new journey to make her next dream come true: having a team that leads for change.

    Conor McCarthy

    A science guy living in an arts world

    Conor McCarthy realised at an early that there is nothing better than books. His north star has always been to read, and read he does. He reads to educate himself and to get the tools to inspire and lead change in himself and others.

    His reading feeds his writing, and he writes to understand how he thinks.

    He feels that these are the days of miracle and wonder.

    An avid meditator and philosophy hobbyist, he feels lucky to be a part of a book reading group!

    Mindi Rosser

    Social media matchmaker intent on becoming an intrapreneurial leader

    Mindi Rosser grew up in a religious, misogynistic cult. After twenty years, she escaped. Her mission is to empower females to unapologetically make their ruckus and pursue their dreams.

    altMBA was her next step towards realizing this vision, helping her to level up and discover how she could live out her mission. It led her to a completely different path than the one she was on. She's now going back to school to get her BAA and then pursuing her MBA. Her long-term goal is to morph from a social marketing maven into an intrapreneurial leader.

    She is thrilled to be part of this book club because she gets to connect with others who are eager to not only learn, but also to implement what they learn, to effect greater change.

    Beverly Hall

    Attorney who wants to continue learning

    Beverly learned early that books matter and became comfortable learning from books. She knows that each new book opens the door for new learning, new ideas, new insights, and the opportunity for a different way of thinking. As a result, she reads indiscriminately and typically has several books in process.


    Beverly is always open to receiving the referral of a good book, and she's always up for recommending books she feels are worthwhile. She is proud to be a part of this tremendously generous and insightful group who push her to think critically.


    Books do matter. The Books Experience provides the connection not only for sharing and discussing books and but also for contributing to conversations that challenge us to think and act differently.

    Cristina Carrillo

    Like Superman and Clark Kent, Cristina lives a double life

    In her professional side, she brings over 14 years of sales experience in different industries and countries, in big and small companies. She has managed large accounts, she has done cold calling and negotiated contracts with mobile advertising suppliers. She is currently working in Berlin for HERE.


    Her other persona, the creative one, is busy with photography, travelling, cinema and food. She is also an avid learner: reading, painting, languages, music, dancing salsa, yoga,… are in her knowledge database.


    Sometimes the boundary between the two is not that clear and one of them appears in the other one. I like that – one propels the other.

  • On Air

    The book that is inspiring us right now!

    "Wisdom @ Work: The Making of a Modern Elder " by Chip Conley


    "Being smart comes from studying or understanding complex things, yet wisdom is something deeper. We don’t become wise simply because we get old, wisdom is something we must actively cultivate in order to accumulate. Every one of us should learn what it takes to gain wisdom, and Chip Conley is the wise guide for our journey."


    -Simon Sinek. Optimist and Best Selling Author of Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last

  • Debrief Session

    Closing the loop by sharing our takeaways with the group.

    7th of July

    21st of July

    to be defined

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    We keep it as simple as possible


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